MYST Cafe and Restaurant on Gulberg Lahore

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The upcoming MYST Café and Restaurant on MM Alam Road, Lahore will take cuisine to a whole new level

Lahore Hub of Food: “Lahore Lahore Hai” a phrase we always hear when people talk about Lahore. A city which boasts of art culture and history has a lot to offer that makes it the most popular city in Pakistan. When talking about Lahore one cannot ignore the fact that it is also known as the hub of food.

Latest addition- Myst Cafe

Myst Cafe is the latest addition to the latter but its exceptional food quality is definitely worth checking out. From the traditional food to classic sophisticated cuisine to high-end fine dining, this cafe has everything to suit your taste buds.

The restaurant offers extremely flavorful dishes with economical prices. If you are a Thai food lover and want to experience authentic Thai food then this a place you would not want to miss.

Myst offers a variety of dishes that give you a true Thai experience. Situated in Lahore popular upscale restaurant and shopping district Myst promises an extraordinary experience of culinary sensation and pleasurable dining experience in an elegant yet casual atmosphere.

In short, located in the heart of the city, Myst will pack a splendid experience for those in search of an unforgettable taste with brilliant hospitality.

Beautiful Glass Building and Ambiance

Myst is a beautiful and relatively new eatery. Decorated with yellow fairy lights, the two-storied building is easily spotted off the main road.

Its indoor seating area is simple yet chic with beige leather sofas lined against the wall and wooden furniture in the center. The area is surrounded by dim lights, stylish chairs, tables, and canopies. This is a budget restaurant and its aim is to attract a loyal customer base through food quality.

 Unique Selling Point

Their unique selling point is definitely the taste of each creation. From appetizer to dessert, everything is cooked from scratch. The staff also deserves a special mention, as they were highly trained and accommodating.

Overall, the hygiene standards are visibly excellent and the restaurant certainly promises to be a foodie’s delight.

One of a kind Bar

Myst beautiful bar is one of a kind. It’s taking the city’s cocktail game on a whole new level. The colorful and unique cocktails and drinks are enough for drawing an audience towards the café.

SocioOn Top 100 Restaurant

Its tempura prawns, special beef and special soup are a must try. Myst irresistibly quality and delicious food are why this place easily makes it on our SocioOn Top 100 restaurant list and one of the best places to dine in the coming year.

Alkaram launches its new “Aurelia Dreams” Collection 2018 at cafe Aylanto

Alkaram launches its new “Aurelia Dreams” Collection 2018 at cafe Aylanto 1200 799 admin

Alkaram launched its Autumn/Winter Collection “Aurelia Dreams” 2018 in Lahore at cafe Aylanto and invited SocioON Pakistan National Social media and Business Network for its exclusive coverage. The event was held to announce the launch of Alkaram’s new Autumn/Winter collection and to familiarize the audience with the various offerings from Alkaram.

The beautiful grand event was organized by one and only Aamir Mazhar (Savvy PR & Events). Aamir Mazhar is a name that needs no introduction in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. He has been running his successful event management agency for over a decade and has credit for arranging many successful shows like this, in his list.

Alkaram has chosen Ayeza Khan Pakistani television actress and top model as the brand ambassador for their latest collection which aims to bring together youthful fashion line with demure classic embroidery and overall create dresses for ladies that radiates sophistication.

Their new collection includes the origins from across the globe, with a varied mix of cultures showcased through the collection’s patterns, styles, and colors.

Fusing the old with the new, this collection is a perfect reflection of the woman of today, forging her path in a brave new world while honoring the traditions of yesteryear.

The décor for the event was set amongst an army of flowers, ribbons and falling leaves in an alluring arrangement. The entire setup was fabricated and created from scratch.


The day kicked off with a meet and greet and with all the top fashion media and blogger community is invited for a lovely lunch at Aylanto.

People exchanged views on the latest trends and talked about how Akram has stayed ahead of the game across Pakistan.

The venue was crowded, with laughter and conversation filling the restaurant, and everyone appeared to appreciate the opportunity to connect and share ideas.

People were clearly eager to attend since the restaurant quickly filled with bodies attired in beautiful outfits.

According to the industry sensation herself, Ayeza Khan told SocioON team, “I am thrilled to join forces with Alkaram and hopefully, the audience will also be excited to see me as the new brand ambassador.

“We had a fantastic time shooting for the latest collection which indeed, is a unique and remarkable one. For this collection, I was styled in a simple, yet sophisticated manner that perfectly matched the collection’s theme.”

The atmosphere turns pensive, veering towards nostalgic & it reflects in our sartorial choices. This winter, Alkaram comes up with a collection that brings together its youthful fashion line and its demure classic counterpart to create an offering that exudes sophistication.

The event ended with a perfect giveaway to all the guests, by Alkaram team, to welcome the fall season, in the spirit of their “Aurelia Dreams” winter collection 2018.

The SocioON team at Sadya khan’s Bling it On Dinner Party

The SocioON team at Sadya khan’s Bling it On Dinner Party 1200 799 admin

“Fashion is crucial to everything I do, whether it’s film or arranging a national level expo,” said Sadya Khan to SocioON team on Saturday night at the Poet restaurant doing her grand event Bling it on the pre-dinner celebration.

The luxurious dinner hall wall filled with a room of top designers, executives, editors, fashion-tech pioneers, models, event managers, and other industry catalysts. ”

This year Mrs. Sadya Khan has planned to bring together a diverse group of talented people from every corner of the Lahore city, all shades and shapes and colors and creeds to make her very first event of Bling it on series a success.

She believes diversity is one of the things that makes the fashion industry one of the most creative, dynamic and influential forces on the planet.

Bling it On will be a series of fashion and lifestyle exhibition events which will take place from city to city and season to season in Lahore. The very first event by Bling it on called October Bling will be held in Sapphire hall on 21st October 2018.

Mrs. Sadya Khan and her husband Mr. Shoaib, the owner of Shoaib Khan Films told SocioON team that they believe that their show will offer equal opportunities for families to come together under one roof and take a look at all the products and services that can positively impact their lifestyles.

Since their event has a great number of both local and foreign participants, they believe their exhibition will hold the interest of every Lahori citizen.

SocioON team at Sameer Karasu latest collection launch

SocioON team at Sameer Karasu latest collection launch 1087 799 admin

SocioON Pakistan first National social media attended the launch ceremony of fashion collection “Nocturnity” – a spell binding collection that takes inspiration from the old charm of witchcraft and celebrates dramatic fashion with a twist, created by the maestro Mr Sameer Karasu at Peerus café in Lahore.

The designer Mr Karasu told SocioON team that his vision is to provide his customer with a unique aesthetic design rooted in tradition with a twist which cannot be often found in the market.

His indigenous design philosophy is to homage the sub-continent and its diverse cultures that originate as our heritage.  Mr Karasu collection conceives the act of dressing oneself as an effort to tell a story about one’s self – who you are, where you come from and what your potential is.

Therefore, through his luxurious fabrics, brilliant craftsmanship and impeccable prints they evoke a profound sense of distinctiveness that is sure to captivate the heart of many of his clients.

His collection is based upon artisanal embroidery and indigenous fabrics that have always been the heart of Pakistan’s textile region. Beautiful Kashmiri paisleys, lotus flowers and artisanal embroideries are a keystone of his designs. The color palette of his dresses is ideal for the upcoming festive season-from nude beiges and tangerine oranges to bright pinks and seaweed green.

Sameer Karasu told SocioON team that: “I believe in the superior quality of my dresses, and my distinct embellishments and unique design and aesthetic sense places me a notch above the rest. My collection is designed with all my love, and I hope my design philosophy will be understood and welcomed by the consumer.”

K&N’s- The Authentic Safe and Healthy Chicken at SOCIOFEST ’19 Happening in UOL by SocioOn

K&N’s- The Authentic Safe and Healthy Chicken at SOCIOFEST ’19 Happening in UOL by SocioOn 1200 799 admin

K&N’s as we know it is the pioneer and leading brand in frozen foods in Pakistan, providing us with authentic halal chicken throughout decades. Who knew that a small start up the 60s by a college student- Khalil Sattar will be such a massive hit that it will make us known to the newer foods and new tastes in the coming years.

But now we see K&N’s everywhere, in fact, paving the way for a healthier and nourished Pakistan as they say “K&N’s- Safe and Healthy Chicken”. We all know the alarming situation of the diseases our farm animals are getting due to the negligence of caretakers also scarcity and unawareness of vaccination programs for immunization for certain diseases. So, in this situation K&N’s comes in the market to set the things right with their “Safe and Healthy Chicken”, this gave the consumers some peace of mind that there is finally a reliable source of poultry from which they can get the healthy protein diet which has the proper balanced nutritional value that is ideal for human consumption.

Pakistan International Culinary Festival 2019 was a great hit at Alhamra Open Air Theater

Pakistan International Culinary Festival 2019 was a great hit at Alhamra Open Air Theater 1200 799 admin

Talk about laughs, talk about gatherings, talk about making memories and talk about your favorite cuisines! PICF brings you all of these things under one umbrella. Now that’s a dream come true.
The College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM) Pakistan in collaboration with TOPAZ Group of Companies kicked off an ensemble of foods, music and memories altogether in the Pakistan International Culinary Festival 2019, where delicacies from all around of Pakistan are gathered at one platform to give Lahore the taste of what they were missing out.