MYST Cafe and Restaurant on Gulberg Lahore

MYST Cafe and Restaurant

MYST Cafe and Restaurant on Gulberg Lahore

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The upcoming MYST Café and Restaurant on MM Alam Road, Lahore will take cuisine to a whole new level

Lahore Hub of Food: “Lahore Lahore Hai” a phrase we always hear when people talk about Lahore. A city which boasts of art culture and history has a lot to offer that makes it the most popular city in Pakistan. When talking about Lahore one cannot ignore the fact that it is also known as the hub of food.

Latest addition- Myst Cafe

Myst Cafe is the latest addition to the latter but its exceptional food quality is definitely worth checking out. From the traditional food to classic sophisticated cuisine to high-end fine dining, this cafe has everything to suit your taste buds.

The restaurant offers extremely flavorful dishes with economical prices. If you are a Thai food lover and want to experience authentic Thai food then this a place you would not want to miss.

Myst offers a variety of dishes that give you a true Thai experience. Situated in Lahore popular upscale restaurant and shopping district Myst promises an extraordinary experience of culinary sensation and pleasurable dining experience in an elegant yet casual atmosphere.

In short, located in the heart of the city, Myst will pack a splendid experience for those in search of an unforgettable taste with brilliant hospitality.

Beautiful Glass Building and Ambiance

Myst is a beautiful and relatively new eatery. Decorated with yellow fairy lights, the two-storied building is easily spotted off the main road.

Its indoor seating area is simple yet chic with beige leather sofas lined against the wall and wooden furniture in the center. The area is surrounded by dim lights, stylish chairs, tables, and canopies. This is a budget restaurant and its aim is to attract a loyal customer base through food quality.

 Unique Selling Point

Their unique selling point is definitely the taste of each creation. From appetizer to dessert, everything is cooked from scratch. The staff also deserves a special mention, as they were highly trained and accommodating.

Overall, the hygiene standards are visibly excellent and the restaurant certainly promises to be a foodie’s delight.

One of a kind Bar

Myst beautiful bar is one of a kind. It’s taking the city’s cocktail game on a whole new level. The colorful and unique cocktails and drinks are enough for drawing an audience towards the café.

SocioOn Top 100 Restaurant

Its tempura prawns, special beef and special soup are a must try. Myst irresistibly quality and delicious food are why this place easily makes it on our SocioOn Top 100 restaurant list and one of the best places to dine in the coming year.