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Digital transformation of the company: IT must adapt to digital

In recent years, business leaders have come to face with phenomena called digitalization and digitization. They are indeed called and, in a way, forced to follow the trend by carrying out a transformation of their empires and companies. Thus, an adequacy between this new digital era and the different components of the company is to be made. Among the services that guarantee the smooth running of a company’s business is the IT department. The IT world has always been in harmony with new technologies and tends to be gradually overtaken by the developments that have been recorded recently. Consequently, IT must adapt to digital.

The information system necessary for the digitalization of the company

Each company must have its own information system. It is generally used for the storage and processing of the data collected, but also the date that circulates internally within the organization. The users of this system have the possibility of working on personal storage media such as USB memory sticks on this site. Although other means of information processing have emerged with the digital age, IT remains essential.

The importance of the information system lies in the fact that for the digitalization process of the company to be done, an IT structure must be present. Even if the platform is perceived as a real burden for society because of the considerable resources it mobilizes, as well as the considerable volume it occupies, IT remains a significant asset. Digitization can begin with the tools provided by the computer system.

A smooth adaptation

It should be noted, during the digital transformation of the company, that the operation cannot be done all at once. It will indeed take time for the IT structure to get ready to receive the new digital techniques. The adaptation of the department will go through different stages aimed at reducing the weight of the data to be processed.

A new collection process will also be implemented through connected objects. The assimilation of these procedures constitutes a long-term job for the system, which is not however impossible. Thus, business leaders will have every interest in including the adaptation of the department in the long term. The results will be substantial.

IT developer, a key position in digital transformation

Many will say that the professions of tomorrow will revolve exclusively around digital transformation. This is true on one hand. However, certain aspects of the reality of this operation must not be overlooked. It has been proven that IT is far from outdated and that it plays a key role in the successful transition of the business to the digital age. Consequently, the related trades have their place in the years to come.

Among the key positions in the digital generation is that of IT developer. As a reminder, the mission entrusted to this type of occupation generally consists of four parts which are:

  • Identifying and analyzing user needs
  • Computer software programming
  • Performing a series of tests
  • The presentation of technical support for users

These tasks are included in the efforts made by the company to set up digital tools in the structure of the company, while ensuring customer loyalty, but also the acquisition of new ones. The role of the IT developer thus extends beyond simple IT innovation. The digital policy of company directors can be set up slowly, but surely through the contribution of such competent people.

health industry

How the health industry can benefit from Hospitello- A Digital U creation

How the health industry can benefit from Hospitello- A Digital U creation 800 504 admin

When one thinks about hospitals, one immediately visualizes the white corridors, the anti-bacterial hand sanitizer dispensers on the walls of said corridors and just as surely, one thinks about the huge file cabinets behind the receptionist and the mounds of paperwork right on her desk. Though a few health institutes have adopted a more modern and efficient administrative system, the majority of the hospitals we visit are yet to reap the benefits of digital solutions.

Hospitello, a product of Digital U, is a hospital management system that embodies all the administrative, managerial and financial aspects of any health institute in one software.  All those mountains of file folders on the receptionist’s desks, walking all the way to the other side of the hospital to get approval for prescriptions or surgeries and hours of going through the hospitals payroll are a thing of the past thanks to one of Pakistan’s top ranked IT solution providers.

Considering all of the above, one can deduce that there are several ways that the health industry as a whole can benefit from investing in such a relatively cheap digital product. The first thing that comes to mind is how all hospitals could save valuable time that their patients require. The copious amounts of time wasted to get forms filled could instead pe spent on saving a precious life. Other obvious benefits include cost and waste reduction. With all their paperwork, finances and charts stored digitally, hospitals can save significantly on record management and reduce waste simultaneously. Hospitello has over 8 user roles, which range from that of a receptionist to that of a Super Admin, a hospital administrator, perhaps.

It’s about time the health industry starts to improve their operational aspects and go digital. The whole world is going through a transformation and Digital U, with their Technology for Human Development Initiative has created the absolute hospital management system that will revolutionize the health industry.


Socio School System- The most ground-breaking innovation of the decade for all educational institutes

Socio School System- The most ground-breaking innovation of the decade for all educational institutes 926 618 admin

The majority of us have spent all our childhood 8 hours every morning learning at the same school for 14 years straight. I myself spent mine bouncing from school to school as my family shifted from city to city, country to country. In all my years enrolled as a student in different academic institutes, not once did I ever notice something off about the administrative procedures of the school. “Of course, there’s a desk full of file folders on the administrator Ms. Maggie’s desk. There’s, like, a million students here!”, I’d think to myself. “I understand why it takes the principal so long to get to the morning assembly. It must be hell dealing with all that paperwork every morning.”, I’d say. What could possibly the solution to all that mess, right?

Well, I was a kid. Pardon my naivety. We’re living in the age of digitalization. Where information is stored in clouds and the most complicated tasks can be executed with a click of a button. This is when Digital U decided to put an end to all menial administrative and managerial procedures of all academic institutes.

Socio School System, they call it. It’s a cloud-based school management system solution that serves to the needs of practically all schools of any size. With over 25 different modules that incorporate the functionality of all the processes of school, it is by far the only school management system worth it’s salt available in the market today.

It all starts when a student enrols and ends when they graduate, right? Socio School System is capable of executing all the orders of procedure that come with it, and everything in between. An administrator processing a student’s admission, a teacher passing the grades on their homework and quizzes, the finance department processing their annual fee, the head teacher rolling out important announcements, even the parents reviewing the teachers notes! Socio School System has created a virtual space for everyone involved in a student’s life to actively participate without leaving their chair.

It’s a shame that Ms. Maggie didn’t live in the age of Digital U.

Carpal CRM

Carpal CRM- The lifeline for every startup

Carpal CRM- The lifeline for every startup 800 504 admin

Carpal CRM

Still using sticky notes to jot down your daily reminders and to-do’s?

Still spilling coffee on your desk trying to organize document after document in file folders?

A solid CRM software is what you need. What’s a CRM software, you ask? Well, imagine all the administrative and record management aspects of any business, regardless of the size, and stuff all of it on the screen of your mobile phone or laptop. Yes, you read that right. Say goodbye to heaps of papers and documents on your desk, wondering when you’ll get the time to go through them all.

Taking into account the amount of resources businesses waste on administrating paper, it begs the question how an establishment can manage to effectively maintain an exceptional customer service and loyal customers. The answer lies in going digital with Digital U. Carpal CRM software is designed to reduce cost by making retrieval of information more convenient leading to better decision making, managing all projects and keeping track of all staff members on said projects in real time, providing an enhanced ability to deploy quick and transparent responses to situations that require them and of course, saving all that cash that’s wasted on file organization and storage.

That right there, is Carpal CRM for you in a nutshell. After all these years trying out different CRM solutions and hearing about countless others, I can safely say that Digital U has created something truly unique. They have managed to automate practically every aspect of a business of any nature and size to avoid repetitive tasks, allowing you to stay on top of all ongoing activities. Avoid printing documents to keep digital copies, plan tasks ahead of time, keep track of all projects and staff members; everything that a startup needs in today’s day an age to ensure future success.

For anyone who’s just starting up a new business or looking for ways to reduce cost and bring a whole lot of efficiency to the regime, Carpal CRM is what you need.