Frequently Asked Questions

About Digital U

  • Digital U is the only absolute all-things-digital establishment in Pakistan operating under the Technology for Human Development initiative. The first of its kind, Digital U does not only provide IT solutions, but also offers a Digital Development Partner Program

  • Digital U prides itself for being not just your IT solutions provider, but also your digital media development partner. We collaborate with you by projecting your vision on the digital media platform by undertaking all the pre and post productional aspects under our wing and bring your creativity to life, monetizing individuals and enterprises, all the same. As your DDP, we are ever ready to exceptionally handle all your production and development needs to bring you in the limelight and walk you down the digital red carpet.

    • Today, technology is very important because it is used for almost everything and in every aspect of life, making it easier, better and different. The world is now catching up the new technologies to enhance customer experience, and you cannot afford to fall behind. Without any digital support and enterprise mobility tools, an enterprise cannot survive in this competitive market.
      The concept of Technology for Human Development is an initiative put forth to assure the coevolution and subsequent growth of our clients and partners with respect to the global technological transformation by automating every possible aspect of their lives and enterprises.
  • The moment you shake hands with Digital U, you become a THD partner. All you need to do is believe in our philosophy and be a part of our initiative. You can accomplish both by availing any single one of our many services and products, all of which focus on the automation and digital transformations of individuals and organizations. Want to become a Digital U THD partner right now? Sign up on SocioOn!

  • SocioOn is Pakistan’s national social media platform. It is the only complete virtual social networking site operating in Pakistan today that eloquently embodies all social aspects of life on a simple yet elegant user-interface with an added edge; all SocioOn users are monetized, meaning that the time spent on liking, sharing and posting never goes to waste.

  • Consider it this way. The whole business world is competing in a race; a race that will decide whether or not an establishment has what it takes to plant firm roots and persevere during the digital transformation of the world. The consumer market of today is constantly searching for good customer service and modern solutions that would automate the whole client-customer relationship. And the first person, or business to provide them with what they’re looking for, wins the race. Thanks to Nokia, we are all well aware of what happens when you fail to adapt and evolve with the rest of the world.

Technical Questions

  • Chronic information system issues are common among all small and medium-sized businesses, which generally cause loss in productivity and profitability.A highly qualified outside party who can help in identifying and prioritizing these issues for remediation can be of enormous benefit which guarantees dividends far beyond the short-term. The potential for productivity and profitability improvements are long-term resulting in recurring net income benefits. For businesses with internal IT staff, Digital U can be a resource for periods of high workload, and can act as an impartial “extra set of eyes” for challenging issues which can crop up in any business.

  • We understand that the traditional “One size fits all” approach doesn’t work. In order to effectively meet your demands based on your business objectives,we are happy to work with you to create a solution that is tailored to fit your needs.

  • We offer regular coaching and training to all our clients who utilize our products, as well as post-implementation technical support.

  • To put it simply, the term “cloud computing” refers to the implementation of computing services (servers, databases, storage etc.) through the internet. Implementing cloud-based IT solutions can help a business by minimizing their cost of operating, maximizing profitability and streamlining their organization.

  • Uploading all your sensitive data and information online can be risky, especially if you’re availing the services of a third-party IT solution provider. But over the years, cloud computing has become increasingly secure from the threat of hackers. This technology continues to mature to this day, with cloud service providers working around the clock to ensure maximum security by regularly and rigorously updating and improving their security standards.