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At Digital U, Support goes well beyond helping you fix issues. We are determined to make our customers successful on their cloud journey and answer requests that range from answering best practices questions, guidance on configuration, all the way to break-fix and problem resolution.

It is our approach to Support that sets Digital U apart. We are focused on helping you use Digital U in the best possible ways to achieve your business outcomes. Sometimes that means helping you troubleshoot an issue, but more often, it involves “looking around corners” to find ways for you to better utilize Digital U services.

Pre production, Production & Post Production

Highly-trained engineers, large network of subject-matter experts.

At Digital U, we hire smart Cloud Support Engineers that are well versed in DevOps technologies, automation, infrastructure orchestration, configuration management and continuous integration, and who are not constrained by how “things are usually done”. Cloud Support Engineers held to same standard for technical aptitude as Digital U software development organization.

We also have a vast network of subject-matter experts ranging from Solutions Architects to product managers that can come off the bench to help you as needed.

Smooth Technical
Support Experience

Engineers empowered to help you achieve your goals.

At Digital U, Cloud Support Engineers do not simply follow a run-book. Rather, Digital U engineers stay with Support cases from the start all the way through to resolution. This model avoids the need for escalation paths typically employed by support organizations and eliminates the need for customers to interface with multiple support engineers, which can slow down time-to-resolution and allow you to move faster in your cloud journey.

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Digital U is the only absolute all-things-digital establishment in Pakistan operating under the Technology for Human Development initiative. The first of its kind, Digital U does not only provide IT solutions, but also offers a Digital Development Partner Program

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