How the health industry can benefit from Hospitello- A Digital U creation

How the health industry can benefit from Hospitello- A Digital U creation

How the health industry can benefit from Hospitello- A Digital U creation 800 504 admin

When one thinks about hospitals, one immediately visualizes the white corridors, the anti-bacterial hand sanitizer dispensers on the walls of said corridors and just as surely, one thinks about the huge file cabinets behind the receptionist and the mounds of paperwork right on her desk. Though a few health institutes have adopted a more modern and efficient administrative system, the majority of the hospitals we visit are yet to reap the benefits of digital solutions.

Hospitello, a product of Digital U, is a hospital management system that embodies all the administrative, managerial and financial aspects of any health institute in one software.  All those mountains of file folders on the receptionist’s desks, walking all the way to the other side of the hospital to get approval for prescriptions or surgeries and hours of going through the hospitals payroll are a thing of the past thanks to one of Pakistan’s top ranked IT solution providers.

Considering all of the above, one can deduce that there are several ways that the health industry as a whole can benefit from investing in such a relatively cheap digital product. The first thing that comes to mind is how all hospitals could save valuable time that their patients require. The copious amounts of time wasted to get forms filled could instead pe spent on saving a precious life. Other obvious benefits include cost and waste reduction. With all their paperwork, finances and charts stored digitally, hospitals can save significantly on record management and reduce waste simultaneously. Hospitello has over 8 user roles, which range from that of a receptionist to that of a Super Admin, a hospital administrator, perhaps.

It’s about time the health industry starts to improve their operational aspects and go digital. The whole world is going through a transformation and Digital U, with their Technology for Human Development Initiative has created the absolute hospital management system that will revolutionize the health industry.